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Build failing

"cmd" /c subst Z: "C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE"

elapsed time 00:00:00.1588448s for command "cmd" /c subst Z: "C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE" started at 07/16/2020 23:03:59
"cmd" /c subst Y: "C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP"

elapsed time 00:00:00.0969109s for command "cmd" /c subst Y: "C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP" started at 07/16/2020 23:03:59
"cmd" /c subst X: "C:\ProgramData\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\runtimes\runtime-"

elapsed time 00:00:00.0889022s for command "cmd" /c subst X: "C:\ProgramData\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\runtimes\runtime-" started at 07/16/2020 23:03:59
Saving project to: C:\Users\rmarg\OneDrive\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\socdisprototype\socdisprototype.yyp
"C:\ProgramData/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/runtimes\runtime-" -j=8 -options="C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP\build.bff" -v -- Android Run

Loaded Macros from C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE\socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820\macros.json
Options: X:/bin\platform_setting_defaults.json
Options: C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Roaming/GameMakerStudio2\rmargerison_2416068\local_settings.json
Options: C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE\socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820\targetoptions.json
X://bin/GMAssetCompiler.exe /c /zpex /iv=0 /rv=0 /bv=0 /j=8 /gn="socdisprototype" /td="Y:/" /cd="Z:/socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820" /zpuf="C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Roaming/GameMakerStudio2\rmargerison_2416068" /m=llvm-android /tgt=8 /llvmSource="X://yyc/" /nodnd /cfg="default" /fU="Z:/socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820\functionsUsed.txt" /o="Y:/socdisprototype_31B0C042_YYC" /optionsini="Y:/socdisprototype_31B0C042_YYC\options.ini" /baseproject="X:/BaseProject\BaseProject.yyp" "C:\Users\rmarg\OneDrive\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\socdisprototype\socdisprototype.yyp" /preprocess="Z:/socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820"
Reading project file....C:\Users\rmarg\OneDrive\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\socdisprototype
Reading project file....X:\BaseProject
Reading config delta 'C:\Users\rmarg\OneDrive\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\socdisprototype\options\main\inherited\options_main.inherited.yy'

X://bin/GMAssetCompiler.exe DONE (0)
Release build
Options: Z:/socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820\ExtensionOptions.json
Options: Z:/socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820\PlatformOptions.json
Options: Z:/socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820\MainOptions.json
X://bin/GMAssetCompiler.exe /c /zpex /iv=0 /rv=0 /bv=0 /j=8 /gn="socdisprototype" /td="Y:/" /cd="Z:/socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820" /zpuf="C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Roaming/GameMakerStudio2\rmargerison_2416068" /m=llvm-android /tgt=8 /llvmSource="X://yyc/" /nodnd /cfg="default" /fU="Z:/socdisprot_420856CB_52E8820\functionsUsed.txt" /o="Y:/socdisprototype_31B0C042_YYC" /optionsini="Y:/socdisprototype_31B0C042_YYC\options.ini" /baseproject="X:/BaseProject\BaseProject.yyp" "C:\Users\rmarg\OneDrive\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\socdisprototype\socdisprototype.yyp" /arch=18 /bt=exe /rt=yyc
Reading project file....C:\Users\rmarg\OneDrive\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\socdisprototype
Reading project file....X:\BaseProject
Reading config delta 'C:\Users\rmarg\OneDrive\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\socdisprototype\options\main\inherited\options_main.inherited.yy'
Compile Constants...finished.
Remove DnD...finished.
Compile Scripts...finished.
Compile Objects...finished.
Compile Timelines...finished.
Compile Triggers...finished.
Compile Rooms...finished.
Compile Extensions...finished.
Global scripts...finished.
collapsing enums.
Final Compile...finished.
Writing Chunk... GEN8
Writing Chunk... OPTN
Writing Chunk... LANG
Writing Chunk... EXTN
Writing Chunk... SOND
Writing Chunk... AGRP
Writing Chunk... SPRT
Writing Chunk... BGND
Writing Chunk... PATH
Writing Chunk... SCPT
Writing Chunk... GLOB
Writing Chunk... SHDR
Writing Chunk... FONT
Writing Chunk... TMLN
Writing Chunk... OBJT
Writing Chunk... ROOM
Writing Chunk... DAFL
Writing Chunk... EMBI
Writing Chunk... TPAGE
Texture Group - Default
Writing Chunk... TGIN
Writing Chunk... STRG
Writing Chunk... TXTR
0 Compressing texture... writing texture texture_0.png...
1 Compressing texture... writing texture texture_1.png...
Writing Chunk... AUDO
Using NDKDir = C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\ndk\21.3.6528147
Using PlatformDir = C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\ndk\21.3.6528147\platforms\android-30
Using ARMToolChain = C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\ndk\21.3.6528147\toolchains\arm-linux-androideabi-4.9\prebuilt\windows-x86_64
Using ARM64ToolChain = C:\Users\rmarg\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\ndk\21.3.6528147\toolchains\aarch64-linux-android-4.9\prebuilt\windows-x86_64
saving file Y:/socdisprototype_31B0C042_YYC\socdisprototype.droid
Android NDK: android-14 is unsupported. Using minimum supported version android-16.
Android NDK: WARNING: APP_PLATFORM android-16 is higher than android:minSdkVersion 14 in ./AndroidManifest.xml. NDK binaries will *not* be compatible with devices older than android-16. See for more information.
[armeabi-v7a] Install : => Y:/socdisprototype_31B0C042_YYC/lib/armeabi-v7a/
[arm64-v8a] Install : => Y:/socdisprototype_31B0C042_YYC/lib/arm64-v8a/
[arm64-v8a] Compile++ : yoyo <= socdisprototype.vars.cpp
[armeabi-v7a] Compile++ arm : yoyo <= socdisprototype.vars.cpp
[armeabi-v7a] SharedLibrary :
./obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs/yoyo/socdisprototype.vars.o:socdisprototype.vars.cpp:g_GMLFuncs: error: undefined reference to 'gml_Object_obj_player_Alarm_1(CInstance*, CInstance*)'
./obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs/yoyo/socdisprototype.vars.o:socdisprototype.vars.cpp:g_GMLFuncs: error: undefined reference to 'gml_Object_obj_player_Draw_64(CInstance*, CInstance*)'
./obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs/yoyo/socdisprototype.vars.o:socdisprototype.vars.cpp:g_GMLFuncs: error: undefined reference to 'gml_Object_obj_game_Alarm_2(CInstance*, CInstance*)'
clang++: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
make: *** [C:/Users/rmarg/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/ndk/21.3.6528147/build//../build/core/ obj/local/armeabi-v7a/] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
[arm64-v8a] SharedLibrary :
./obj/local/arm64-v8a/objs/yoyo/socdisprototype.vars.o:(.data.g_GMLFuncs+0x28): undefined reference to `gml_Object_obj_player_Alarm_1(CInstance*, CInstance*)'
./obj/local/arm64-v8a/objs/yoyo/socdisprototype.vars.o:(.data.g_GMLFuncs+0x98): undefined reference to `gml_Object_obj_player_Draw_64(CInstance*, CInstance*)'
./obj/local/arm64-v8a/objs/yoyo/socdisprototype.vars.o:(.data.g_GMLFuncs+0x108): undefined reference to `gml_Object_obj_game_Alarm_2(CInstance*, CInstance*)'
clang++: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
make: *** [C:/Users/rmarg/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/ndk/21.3.6528147/build//../build/core/ obj/local/arm64-v8a/] Error 1
Stats : GMA : Elapsed=17177.5889
Stats : GMA : sp=16,au=8,bk=0,pt=6,sc=0,sh=0,fo=0,tl=0,ob=12,ro=5,da=0,ex=0,ma=13,fm=0xB0040AE80020

X://bin/GMAssetCompiler.exe exited with non-zero status (2)
submitted by ScheduledRelapse to gamemaker [link] [comments]

PSA/Fix: [WOTC] Increase Pod Size By Force Level has two bugs that prevents the Independent Force Level option from working. I've made a fix.

tl;dr: If you're on windows, I've made a PowerShell script to automatically backup and patch the mod so the Independent Force Level rules work - no hex editor required. You don't have to read the rest of this unless you're curious what this code does exactly or want to fix it on another operating system.
All you have to do is launch PowerShell (you may need to run as admin, but I haven't had to) and copy-paste this code into the console. If the mod is somewhere else on your computer than what's on the first line, change the path in quotes(you can find out the directory by right clicking on the mod in Alternative Mod Launcher, but usually it's this value.). Then press enter.
$directory = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\1550396115\" $location = $directory + "Script\WOTCIncreasePodSizeByForceLevel.u" $bInput = Get-Content $location -Raw -Encoding Byte Set-Content $location+".bak" -Encoding Byte -Value $bInput $bOriginal_IFL1 = [Byte[]](0x99, 0x00, 0xA7, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xCC, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x16) $bSubstitute_IFL1 = [Byte[]](0x98, 0x00, 0xA7, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xCC, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x16) $bOutput = [Byte[]]("$bInput" -Replace "\b$bOriginal_IFL1\b", "$bSubstitute_IFL1" -Split '\s+') $bOriginal_IFL2 = [Byte[]](0x99, 0x00, 0xA6, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xCC, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x16) $bSubstitute_IFL2 = [Byte[]](0x98, 0x00, 0xA6, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xCC, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x16) $bFixed = [Byte[]]("$bOutput" -Replace "\b$bOriginal_IFL2\b", "$bSubstitute_IFL2" -Split '\s+') Set-Content $location -Encoding Byte -Value $bFixed 
Code borrowed from this StackOverflow question.
I recently downloaded Increase Pod Size by Force Level - the built in rules increased pod sizes worked fine, but I wanted a smoother increase in difficulty (rather than spiking at specific levels)... The independent rules option seemed just right (where size increase is proportional to level), but as soon as I enabled it and disabled the static rules, my pods went back to vanilla sizes.
After trying the usual fixes (deleting config, manually editing the ini, etc), I poked into the code to see what was going on and I noticed the bug - there's a bit of code that compares the config setting for where the rule kicks in to the current force level. However, the modder typed in "FORCE_LEVEL_START_1>=ForceLevel" - which tells the game to run the rule only if the force level is higher than the current level, not lower.
Furthermore, since the pod size increase was (correctly) calculated by subtracting the start level from the current level, this actually results in it generating a negative % probability increase in pod size, but it doesn't seem like that actually results in smaller pods.
Anyway, I couldn't get the SDK running to make a fixed version, so to fix this I pulled up the UE Explorer to decompile the script and found the compiled version of that line:
 99 00 A7 00 00 00 00 CC 00 00 00 16 
...and replaced it with the code for the same thing but with a < sign - the only difference is that the first byte is now 98 rather than 99.
98 00 A7 00 00 00 00 CC 00 00 00 16 
The fix for the second independent rule check was the same - replaced:
 99 00 A6 00 00 00 00 CC 00 00 00 16 
 98 00 A6 00 00 00 00 CC 00 00 00 16 
After this, it worked perfectly!
If you want to try this fix yourself, I used HxD as my hex editor - just ctrl-F for the hex code (make sure in the find popup you select hex-values), move your cursor to the start of the string, and type 98 over the 99 (by default it's set to overwrite text, as you do not want to change the length of a file while hex editing it unless you really know what you're doing).
I think it automatically makes backups of files it edits, but if you really want to be safe feel free to make your own copy beforehand.
Hope this helps anyone else!
EDIT: Forgot to mention that the file that needs patching is "WOTCIncreasePodSizeByForceLevel.u" under the Script folder of the mod.
submitted by basiliskgf to xcom2mods [link] [comments]

Adafruit Space Invader pendant. Want to convert to using a bicolor 1.2 led matrix. How would the code change?

 // Trinket/Gemma + LED matrix backpack jewelry. Plays animated // sequence on LED matrix. Press reset button to display again, // or add optional momentary button between pin #1 and +V. // THERE IS NO ANIMATION DATA IN THIS SOURCE FILE, you should // rarely need to change anything here. EDIT anim.h INSTEAD. #define BRIGHTNESS 14 // 0=min, 15=max #define I2C_ADDR 0x70 // Edit if backpack A0/A1 jumpers set #include  #include  #include  #include "anim2.h" // Animation data is located here #include "anim3.h" // Animation data is located here #include "anim4.h" // Animation data is located here static const uint8_t PROGMEM reorder[] = { // Column-reordering table 0x00,0x40,0x20,0x60,0x10,0x50,0x30,0x70,0x08,0x48,0x28,0x68,0x18,0x58,0x38,0x78, 0x04,0x44,0x24,0x64,0x14,0x54,0x34,0x74,0x0c,0x4c,0x2c,0x6c,0x1c,0x5c,0x3c,0x7c, 0x02,0x42,0x22,0x62,0x12,0x52,0x32,0x72,0x0a,0x4a,0x2a,0x6a,0x1a,0x5a,0x3a,0x7a, 0x06,0x46,0x26,0x66,0x16,0x56,0x36,0x76,0x0e,0x4e,0x2e,0x6e,0x1e,0x5e,0x3e,0x7e, 0x01,0x41,0x21,0x61,0x11,0x51,0x31,0x71,0x09,0x49,0x29,0x69,0x19,0x59,0x39,0x79, 0x05,0x45,0x25,0x65,0x15,0x55,0x35,0x75,0x0d,0x4d,0x2d,0x6d,0x1d,0x5d,0x3d,0x7d, 0x03,0x43,0x23,0x63,0x13,0x53,0x33,0x73,0x0b,0x4b,0x2b,0x6b,0x1b,0x5b,0x3b,0x7b, 0x07,0x47,0x27,0x67,0x17,0x57,0x37,0x77,0x0f,0x4f,0x2f,0x6f,0x1f,0x5f,0x3f,0x7f, 0x80,0xc0,0xa0,0xe0,0x90,0xd0,0xb0,0xf0,0x88,0xc8,0xa8,0xe8,0x98,0xd8,0xb8,0xf8, 0x84,0xc4,0xa4,0xe4,0x94,0xd4,0xb4,0xf4,0x8c,0xcc,0xac,0xec,0x9c,0xdc,0xbc,0xfc, 0x82,0xc2,0xa2,0xe2,0x92,0xd2,0xb2,0xf2,0x8a,0xca,0xaa,0xea,0x9a,0xda,0xba,0xfa, 0x86,0xc6,0xa6,0xe6,0x96,0xd6,0xb6,0xf6,0x8e,0xce,0xae,0xee,0x9e,0xde,0xbe,0xfe, 0x81,0xc1,0xa1,0xe1,0x91,0xd1,0xb1,0xf1,0x89,0xc9,0xa9,0xe9,0x99,0xd9,0xb9,0xf9, 0x85,0xc5,0xa5,0xe5,0x95,0xd5,0xb5,0xf5,0x8d,0xcd,0xad,0xed,0x9d,0xdd,0xbd,0xfd, 0x83,0xc3,0xa3,0xe3,0x93,0xd3,0xb3,0xf3,0x8b,0xcb,0xab,0xeb,0x9b,0xdb,0xbb,0xfb, 0x87,0xc7,0xa7,0xe7,0x97,0xd7,0xb7,0xf7,0x8f,0xcf,0xaf,0xef,0x9f,0xdf,0xbf,0xff }; int animationSection = 0; void ledCmd(uint8_t x) { // Issue command to LED backback driver Wire.beginTransmission(I2C_ADDR); Wire.write(x); Wire.endTransmission(); } void clear(void) { // Clear display buffer Wire.beginTransmission(I2C_ADDR); for(uint8_t i=0; i<17; i++) Wire.write(0); Wire.endTransmission(); } void setup() { power_timer1_disable(); // Disable unused peripherals power_adc_disable(); // to save power PCMSK |= _BV(PCINT1); // Set change mask for pin 1 Wire.begin(); // I2C init clear(); // Blank display ledCmd(0x21); // Turn on oscillator ledCmd(0xE0 | BRIGHTNESS); // Set brightness ledCmd(0x81); // Display on, no blink } uint8_t rep = REPS; void loop() { switch (animationSection) { case 0: for(int i=0; i 10) { animationSection = 0; } if(!--rep) { // If last cycle... ledCmd(0x20); // LED matrix in standby mode // GIMSK = _BV(PCIE); // Enable pin change interrupt // power_all_disable(); // All peripherals off // set_sleep_mode(SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN); // sleep_enable(); // sei(); // Keep interrupts disabled // sleep_mode(); // Power down CPU (pin 1 will wake) // Execution resumes here on wake. // PLD - Simply Sleep for 2 minutes then start again... //delay(100000); //delay(100000); delay(120000); animationSection = 0; GIMSK = 0; // Disable pin change interrupt rep = REPS; // Reset animation counter power_timer0_enable(); // Re-enable timer power_usi_enable(); // Re-enable USI Wire.begin(); // Re-init I2C clear(); // Blank display ledCmd(0x21); // Re-enable matrix } } ISR(PCINT0_vect) {} // Button tap 
This is a section of the anim file. I want to be able to set the various colors in these "frames"
// Animation data for Trinket/Gemma + LED matrix backpack jewelry. // Edit this file to change the animation; it's unlikely you'll need // to edit the source code. #define REPS 10 // Number of times to repeat the animation loop (1-255) const int frameSpeed2 = 3; const uint8_t PROGMEM anim2[] = { // Animation bitmaps. Each frame of animation MUST contain // 8 lines of graphics data (there is no error checking for // length). Each line should be prefixed with the letter 'B', // followed by exactly 8 binary digits (0 or 1), no more, // no less (again, no error checking). '0' represents an // 'off' pixel, '1' an 'on' pixel. End line with a comma. B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, frameSpeed2, // 0.10 seconds }; 
submitted by pldiguanaman to arduino [link] [comments]

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