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Big List of Financial News, Research, and Data Websites

Hello /investing, I was looking for a good resource list for financial news, research, and data on Google and Reddit, but didn't find many good lists. So I spent some time and compiled my own. I hope this is helpful for other people.
You can take a look at this list in two column format here.
I'm looking for useful websites that I have missed. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.
I list the domain authority of each website in parentheses which is a measure of the prestige of the website and quality of the information in a numerical range from 0 to 100.
Although I review a wide range of websites, I personally recommend the Financial Times, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and Zero Hedge for news, and Quandl for data.


  1. Bloomberg (99)
  2. Reuters (96)
  3. Business Insider (95)
  4. MarketWatch (93)
  5. TheStreet (90)
  6. Zero Hedge (84)
  7. Seeking Alpha (83)
  8. Financial Post (82)
  9. Kiplinger (82)
  10. 24/7 Wall St (81)
  11. Benzinga (79)
  12. Institutional Investor (73)
  13. ValueWalk (70)
  14. Gurufocus (66)
  15. Institutional Investor’s Alpha (52)
  16. Market Folly (50)


  1. Forbes (97)
  2. The Economist (95)
  3. Fortune (93)
  4. Time (92)
  5. Barron’s (85)
  6. The New Yorker (80)


  1. The Wall Street Journal (97)
  2. Financial Times (96)
  3. USA Today (88)
  4. BBC (87)
  5. The Global and Mail (87)
  6. The New York Times (80)
  7. The Guardian (80)
  8. Nikkei Asian Review (80)
  9. The Japan Times (70)


  1. CNN (95)
  2. CNBC (93)
  3. NBC (91)
  4. Fox Business (91)
  5. NPR (82)


  1. /investing (73)
  2. /personalfinance (71)
  3. /business (65)
  4. /FinancialIndependence (64)
  5. /finance (62)
  6. /economics (59)
  7. /wallstreetbets (58)
  8. /stocks (55)
  9. /InvestmentClub (55)
  10. /economy (52)
  11. /options (51)
  12. /SecurityAnalysis (49)
  13. /Forex (49)
  14. /algotrading (49)
  15. /StockMarket (47)


  1. Yahoo! Finance (94)
  2. Google Finance (93)
  3. Investopedia (87)
  4. Morningstar (87)
  5. (72)
  6. (64)
  7. Finviz (60)
  8. Thinknum (38)
  9. (26)
  10. Tiingo (23)


  1. DealBook (89)
  2. FT Alphaville (83)
  3. The Big Picture (76)
  4. Calculated Risk (73)
  5. Naked Capitalism (72)
  6. Dealbreaker (63)
  7. The Reformed Broker (62)
  8. Macro Man (60)
  9. Pragmatic Capitalism (58)
  10. Abnormal Returns (57)
  11. Mish Talk (50)
  12. Between The Hedges (49)
  13. Felix Salmon (44)
  14. Philosophical Economics (42)


  1. StockTwits (76)
  2. Quantopian (50)
  3. TradingView (63)
  4. Bogleheads (54)
  5. SumZero (44)
  6. Value Investors Club (37)
  7. Harvest Exchange (37)


  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics (95)
  2. SEC EDGAR (91)
  3. Federal Reserve (89)
  4. Bureau of Economic Analysis (85)
  5. FRED (81)
  6. Quandl (62)


  1. Real Clear Markets (70)
  2. Quantocracy (50)
  3. StreetEYE (40)
  4. Quant News (30)


  1. Foreign Affairs (86)
  2. Project Syndicate (84)
  3. Stratfor (79)
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